There are many reasons you may need a refund of monies debited by SmartNote. Sometimes there is an unexpected event or expense for which you could not have planned. Whether you need to move a debit, request a refund, or obtain assistance with a conference call to your lender to get back on track, SmartNote is here to help. If you currently have cleared funds available in your account we have several ways to return those funds to you.

Refund Methods

Standard Refund methods

  1. 30 Day ACH credit to the account debited (FREE)
  2. 30 Day check via the USPS (FREE)

Expedited Refund methods

Available after verification of cleared debits with your bank and an executed refund agreement.

  1. Check mailed via USPS within 2 business days (FREE)
  2. ACH credit to the original account debited ($25)
  3. Overnight check ($20)

If you wish to completely cancel your participation in the SmartNote program you may do so at any time. Depending on how long you have been active in the service, a portion of the deferred enrollment fee may still be due to SmartNote. Generally, SmartNote’s policy is to prorate 10% of the enrollment fee due monthly, starting with the first debit. (Example 1st month 10%, 2nd mo. 20%...10th mo. 100%) If funds are remaining in your account after any enrollment fee deduction, SmartNote will refund the monies due you using the selected refund method from above.

Program Fees

As with any business, there are operational costs associated with the services we perform. Customers of SmartNote may be subject to the following schedule of fees.

General Fees

Deferred Enrollment Fee

The enrollment fee is deferred as a convenience to our customers. The standard enrollment fee is $428. To enable customers to satisfy the deferred enrollment fee within the first year and begin making principal payments during the second year, the deferred enrollment fee will be reduced to equal the monthly payment amount with the minimum enrollment fee being equal to $175.

See Frequently Asked Questions to learn how the deferred enrollment fee is collected.

Convenience Fee

There is convenience fee of $1.95 added to each debit transaction.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Returned Debit: $25
  • Stop Payment: $20
  • Wire Transfer: $25